Cylen, previously held the title Lord Magistrate of the Republic, is now a scientist who is researching Vynguard technology on a secret and remote island to further their understanding of magic.


No one knows where Cylen was born or who is parents are because he was taken as a child and experimented on by a notorious "mad scientist" who was trying to make a super weapon for the republic.

He tryed to fuse a Unimordial's brain with a mage's.  The children were torched and driven insane.  And after countless attempts Cylen was the only success.  The ones that failed turned into half mage half Unimordial.  Both minds tryed to take control of the body so they became twisted and mangled. Cylen suppressed that part of the brain but still retains the Unimordial's power.

Then they broke out, and Cylen was captured and enslaved. He worked in the mines for years until a civil war within the Republic of Wizardry broke out he was sent to fight.  He was trained to fight with magic, and he was good at it.

He worked his way up the ranks and became an officer.  After the war he was chosen to be a magistrate advisor.  Soon enough he was elected Lord Magistrate.

Despite being insane, Cylen is a genius.

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