The Four of Four is theo-political system in northern Zenaj by the Denvians. It consists of the idea that four Denvian kingdoms are mandated by the heavens to exist continuously. This largely arose after the several empires that attempted to unify all Denvians were plagued by external and internal strife. The Wisemen of the Gods met, and determined that there was a divine will for Denvians to remain separate politically. They surmised that four Kingdoms would be adequate, and each one would pertain to one of the main Denvian gods. Each kingdom was called a Caraya, meaning "Four of Four". They were:

  • Caraya of Periyi to the southeast
  • Caraya of Veppam to the southwest
  • Caraya of Katanu to the northwest
  • Caraya of Atarn to the northeast

For seven centuries they remained. They were allowed to war and ally, but always four there must always be. Then, in 2861, the King of Periyi converted to Nabiism, and denounced the Four of Four rule. Tensions rose as the other kingdoms worried that they might be invaded. However, Periyi was a trade kingdom, and lacked the military power, and so the Four of Four remained.

In 2912, King Hairana of Bayjai, a Veralan kingdom to the south, converted to Nabiism while visiting Sajrirai (capital of Periyi), and upon returning to his homeland, turned back north to conquer the four Caraya. There was outrage across the Denvian world as the Four of Four was destroyed, though the growing number of Nabiists ignored them.

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