Originating in Aiolia, Golems have become a popular source of hard labor. Most golems are not intelligent, and are not self aware. Those that are live in the country of Aiolia, where it is illegal to force any golem to do free labor, or to own a golem. The rest of Opus simply trades golems back and forth, though they have only become popular since the Ionian War, in which they were used to great effect against the Archmagedom. Golems are a new race to Opus, and cannot reproduce. Only those with the knowledge of life and creation can make new golems, and it requires a great deal of power to do so.

Golems themselves are large humanoid bodies made out of an inanimate medium, such as mud, iron, butter or snow. Golems always have one thing in common, having a pumpkin for a head. It is usually carved out in the likeness of a face. Fortunately, the pumpkin never rots. Emotions are hard to read, as the head is mostly solid, and facial expressions are hard to read.

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