The Haplos Glaciers are in the northern reaches of Auroria, and are called home by the Sokende tribe of the Parmenos people. From a distance, they seem intimidating, due to their appearance. When they first appear on the horizon, they are jagged, sharp peaks with sheer edges and no green at all. They seem this way as you approach, and the true beauty of the glaciers is revealed only when you go inside or see them at sunrise, sunset, or when the Lights are in the sky. The Sokende tribe calls them Stralende Fjellene, the Radiant Mountains. (The Aurorian name, Haplos, is a Sokende word that means Hopeless, due to their daunting appearance.)

From the heart of the glaciers, the walls seem to glow from within. Every shade of blue under the sun, in every piece of ice. The most spectacular place in all of the glaciers is Paske Point, at a cave on Dronning's Peak. From this vantage point all of Auroria is visible, and the Lights seem just out of reach. The Sokende elder Jormundr has described the view like "Being among the stars, so close you could reach out and touch them."

Inside the main glacier is a cavern larger than the Great Hall of Daygar, and in the center is the Mor Zois, the first and oldest Tree of Life. Every three hundred years, all Parmenos tribes make a pilgrimage back to the Fjellene, and gather for Council.

There has only been one instance of hostility in the records of the Sokende, and that was when a radicalized Aurorian tribe used ritualistic spirit magic to attack the Fjellene. Part of the Outer Ring was destroyed, and 27 Sokende were killed before the remaining tribespeople rallied behind Kvinne, a young woman wiith incredible power. (Kvinne's story and Parmenos like her here ) By using the combined magic of the remaining Sokende, Kvinne was able to get rid of every attacking spirit and save the Fjellene from further destruction.

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