Hemgiin Khi was the capital of the Khanate of Ahkduun, built on the shore of Lake Narrkham in central Barsa. It lies in ruin now, sacked by the Mages.

The city was unique in design, having been the first true city built by Barsans. The streets were wide and meandering, as they originated as horse paths. The buildings were squat, starting as nomadic tents before growing into towering stone drums over the centuries. The Barsans soon learned stone quarrying from surrounding civilizations, as there were next to no trees for building materials, and as such their city was made largely of crude-cut stone.

Perhaps the largest structure in the city served an unknown purpose. It was thick-walled and low to the ground, square, without windows or doors. When the mages who discovered it managed to blast through the stone, they found it had no floor. Instead, a thin rim went around a square chasm, roughly hewn into the stone, far too deep to see. According to reports from mages, they found something there, though what, or who, remained unknown, as Basilius Gratian quickly took it away and had all who knew of it hunted down and killed soon after.

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