Iokastos Astraios is the last remaining Archmage, first of the Archmages, Wizard Eternal of Aiolia. He was born uncountable years ago, sent to Earth by the Mages of the moon, and remained, watching all of history unfold before him. He was nearly driven mad by loneliness before humans came into the world, and never truly regained a kinship with his fellow Archmages. Iokastos aided rebellions against the Khanate of Necromancy, and sought to destroy it utterly, even before the interference of the Archmagedom. This long standing feud began with the invasion of Aiolia by the Khanate and has lasted to its end. Iokastos was the first to create Golems out of Aiolian Butter, and was the only one to create sentient Golems that could think for themselves.

Iokastos' character is something to be said of. He absolutely loves his people, no matter what race. If they are in Aiolia, they are granted amnesty. However, he absolutely detests destroyers of life and livelihood and especially those who threaten him and his own. This is why he abhorred the Khanate, broke from Ionia, and was so angry when Salina was decimated. Iokastos has all the powers of a god that could bring down this world. However, Iokastos has experienced what it is like to be utterly alone, and has no wish to go back to a life of complete solitude. He loves life, and loves his company. Unless some of that life is destroying other life. Then he looks to demolish the threat, no matter the cost.

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