The Ionian War was a rebellion against the Archmagedom of Ionia by Iokastos Astraios, resulting in the dissolving of the Archmagedom (especially the Gratian Regime), liberation of Aiolia, and the formation of the New Ionian Magedom.

Timeline Edit

The war lasted 5 years, from 2884 to 2889.

1st Year Edit

The first year was largely defense on Aiolia's part, resisting Ionian actions. They did successfully at first, as the Ionian military was largely in the south due to tensions with Saqqara, and took most of the year to reach the front. However, when they did arrive, over tripling the previous army, Aiolia could not withstand. Though no army could take Iokastos head on, he could not be in multiple places, and so surprise attacks across the Aiolian border by the much larger Ionian force by the end of the first year had devastated the countryside up to the mountains. Aiolia had been playing the diplomatic game in the meantime, however, and the end of the year marked the creation of the Human Confederacy, and Daygar's official declaration of war against Gratian.

2nd Year Edit

The second year began in calamity for Aiolia. Knowing that the Daygari army was sailing across the Gate of Moons to Doria, the Ionians struck. They sent a feint south, drawing Iokastos to Alicudi. While there, the full force of 53,000 Mages and Impuri struck Salina. The attack lasted only a few days, but was utterly brutal, with two of the "Arch-Impuri" leading the attack. They used unknown dark magics to rend the great city's walls, even hiring Avyn mercenaries to attack from above. Barely any of the civilians escaped, and all of the defenders were destroyed. Iokastos’ wroth was such that the sky blackened for days. Iokastos had retreated to Lipari, and raised mighty defenses there, such that Salina had not even had. Numerous raids were driven off by Iokastos in the building of these fortifications, and the constant strain of the attacks were beginning to wear deeply on his power. Finally the Daygari came upon the Ionian army and provided the relief needed. With Iokastos being weakened, ten "Arch-Impuri" confronted him at the Ionian Convergence.

3rd Year Edit

4th Year Edit

5th Year Edit

The war was nearly over by its fifth anniversary. By this point, all but three Arch-Impuri were killed, and most of the Archmagdom was in rebel hands. There was little battle up until when the Confederacy's army reached the gates of Ieapoli. The besieging army was largely comprised of Aiolians, Dayrics, and Ionian republicans, with the Exim navy blocking the harbor. An initial assault was a massive failure, breaking like a wave on the city walls, they settled into a siege.

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