Before civilization began, a burning comet crashed into the Earth, in northern Saqqara. Unlike other comets, this one was hot rather than cold, glowing and melting the sand around it. From this comet, which had come from the Sun, came the Rwh Alddin, a primordial of immense power, child of the Sun itself. However, the Rwh Alddin found that it had little control of the Earth in it's purely magical state, so it inhabited a pregnant woman, fusing into the child. When this child was born, named Fahim, he had unprecedented magical abilities, and became known as Jinn.

It soon became clear to the tribes around the Kafisi that Fahim was unique. He is able to harness the power of light and heat to his will, and soon a religion formed around him, uniting Saqqara. When the time that he should have died as a human approached, they found that he did not whither with age, and remained youthful and shining.

2800 years later, in the modern day, he lives still, though rarely interacts with the rest of the world. He lives in a resplendent palace in Ab'amal, built around the oasis that gives the city life. He has grown old-looking now, and only leaves the palaces on holidays to appear before the people.

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