Bands of horsemen and small tribal groups have been the main occupants in the plains of Barsa for most of history. However, around 1600 I.R, Shin-Ah began to invade Barsa from the south, and in response to their savage occupation, several horse bands grouped together around Lake Narrkham, established Hemgiin Khi as a town, and began to rule as an empire. The Khanate grew to be one of the largest empires in the world, encompassing all of Barsa, as well as some of Aiolia. By 1780 I.R, border pressures with the Archmagedom of Ionia led to war. Although the Khanate had one of the largest militaries in recorded history, they fell to the mages in 2114 I.R. Throughout their reign, the Khans furthered magical study, focusing on magic which would enhance human abilities in order to better combat the mages.

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