Tribe: Sokende

Age; 15 (deceased)

Kvinne was born in the year 2895 to Jormundr and Sara Harsden. She had three siblings; Two brothers, Skrell and Jemaiah, and a sister Arana. From a young age she exhibited extraordinary talent, showing the most basic ability of making fire at 18 months, 2 and a half years earlier than usual. At 7 she tamed her companion beast, a full grown she-bear named Stella. At 10, she joined the ranks of the stargazers and began to use her gifts to predict storms and migrations of the herds they hunted.

Years later, while studying the far southern horizons, she saw something that scared her. No one but Stella and her cubs ever knew what it was, and Kinne made them promise never to tell. All she would say to her father was to watch the south, that something was coming. Something dangerous that was dead set on destroying the Sokende home.

Her predictions proved to be correct when a radicalized Barsan tribe raised a host of angry spirits and laid siege to the Stralende Fjellende. The Outer Ring around the South Gate was destroyed, and parts of the inner city were heavily damaged. 27 Sokende were killed when the ice shattered, or they were killed by falling stones. Kvinne then rallied the remaining Sokende tribespeople and convinced them to channel power through her. Stella and Kvinne armored up and rode to face the horde or spirits. Kvinne channeled the power of all the remaining Sokende through her spear and charged at the army.

No one knows what happened inside the fray, because all the people could see was bright light. Many rumors and legends surround the explosion, but one thing is certain. When the smoke cleared, the spirits were gone, many of the Barsans lay dead, and in the center of the explosion were the bodies of Kvinne, Stella, and Solveig (one of Stella's cubs). 

Some still debate what happened, but never in the presence of Kvinne's father, Jormundr. He holds that Kvinne was a hero, and it's useless trying to figure out what happened because nothing they find will change that she died. Stella's other cub, Reidar, is now Skrell's companion and they are currently (as of 2090 on the Ionian calendar) adventuring in the Northern Reaches.

Abel's Note;

Last word is that Skrell and Reidar were seen in the company of a mammoth. Source may be unreliable, but it is enough for Jormundr that they are alive. More information should come soon; a supply run led by Jemiah is en route to their last known location.

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