The Praecipium is the religious justification for the monarchy of the Eximietas Kingdom. It is based on the idea that the weaker should be lead by the stronger, especially within the Exims. In modern context, this implies that the Impuri, the arguably (magically) strongest creatures on Earth other than Iokastos Astraios, should lead the Exims, and is used by King Callidus to justify his rule. It was originally created during the Exim's early days as a counter to the spreading religions around it, which threatened the authority of their kings and chieftains. The Thaumakan suppression of Exim culture included outlawing any text or speech that mentioned the Praecipium, as it was often used among rebellious factions for their cause. After the empire, the pure version of the Praecipium was largely ignored as the Exims fractured into various feudal states, but the idea of strong leading the weak remained in their culture. In the past few centuries it saw a rebirth in response to other religions once again leaking into Exim culture.

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