Monda is the City of Scribes, the capital of the Jacter Alliance, and one of the most populated cities in the world. It is ancient, the founding lost in time, but grew and fell as the ages passed. Monda is most well known worldwide for The Kalarrien, the largest college in the world, that educates over a thousand young men a year on the workings of history, law, mathematics, and theology.

The Kalarrien Edit

The Kalarrien is the largest school in the known world.Practically every scribe and politician in Jacter is trained here, as well as most religious leaders. Over the hundreds of years of its existence the institution has become famous for often governing the city more than its king does, given the number of bureaucrats, politicians, and merchants in the city who answer directly to it. And since Monda is the most influential city in the Jacter Archipelago, the decisions made by the Headmaster Priest can sometimes end up changing the course of history for millions of people well outside of Monda's political control.

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