Nabiism is a polytheistic religion that resides as the most prominent religion in the southern civilizations, and has the most members of any religion worldwide. It was founded in the year 1897 in Kaav, when the eastern Jacter Archipelago was under control of the Mahapiyam Empire. Its founding and tenets focus on the preachings of three brothers: Murankina, the nobleman, Manakina, the merchant, and Murajama, the warrior. They spoke against the empire, and introduced the people to the Nabii, which are the highest order of Primordials that Nabiism claims created the world and govern its inhabitants. While all three brothers are worshipped, it is believed that only one transcended to the Nabii after death, and schisms have formed over which one. In eastern Jacter, Murajama, the warrior, is considered the greatest, in central Jacter in Kaav and Monda, Manakina, the merchant, is most worshipped, and in Dengi and northern Zenaj, it is Murankina, the nobleman.

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