In the region of Ionia, the New Ionian Magedom controls one of the largest sovereign nations on Earth. It spans from the Gate of Moons to the north to Saqqara to the south, and has Barsa and Aiolia to the east. It was founded in 2891 Ionian Reckoning. The Archmagedom of Ionia was overthrown by Aiolia, who established itself as an independent state and implemented a new government in the Archmagedom, making it the New Ionian Magedom. Even despite being recently defeated, the Magedom remains a major power, with a thriving population and domestic economy.

History Edit

The New Ionian Magedom is a direct political descendant of the Archmagedom of Ionia. When Gratian and the 12 other Impuri emperors were defeated by Iokastos Astraios and the Human Confederacy in the Ionian War in 2889, the victors needed to install a new government system in the Archmagedom to avoid a power vacuum, which would likely result in more war. At first, most believed Iokastos, the last Archmage, would step in as leader. However, soon after the war he announced that he would not assume control of Ionia, insisting that all he wanted was to destroy the corrupted Archmages and establish Aiolia as a free state. Thus Ionia almost fell into chaos.

In February of 2890, a provisional government was established to keep temporary order while the victorious powers met to determine the future of the world's most powerful empire. In the end, Iokastos and the Haditite delegates won over and determined that the new Magedom would be a republic. A voting system was soon established, and the new government, led by an elected council of 14 legislators, the "Masters", took power in January of 2891.

The new government was greeted with general support by the people, who had grown to hate the Impuri emperors and were worried that, with no Ionian representative at the meeting of powers, they would get no say in the new nation. With a republic, these fears were eliminated. However, some were still cautious of Iokastos due to the recent imperial nature of the other Archmages. They mistrusted the new government, fearing that Iokastos would use his popularity to gain control anyway. However, Iokastos never applied for any governmental position, retiring to Aiolia instead to his farms and books. The elections were a major success, and many rebel leaders and young, promising politicians rose to prominent positions. The masters proved more than capable in controlling the vast land taken by the Archmagedom over the years, and the fact that they were normal mages that were average citizens further strengthened the public's support, as Ionia throughout most of history had been controlled by the Archmages, had seemed other and even god-like to the average population.

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