The Republic of Wizardry is a country in the west of Gon-Dimr. It was created by the Haditite people in the power vacuum left by the fall of the Thaumakan Empire. Originally a monarchy, the second-most recent king turned the government into a republic, where a Lord Magistrate is voted on. Perhaps the most influential part of the Republic in recent history is the Halida Industis.
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The Republic of Wizardry's old Flag/Banner

History Edit

With the fall of the Thaumakan Empire, the Haditites to the west quickly formed into a new country, ruled by a king. He enslaved most of the country until his reign of terror was put to an end by an assassin.

Government Edit

The head-of-state is the Lord Magistrate, accompanied by an appointed cabinet. The republic is divided into Viscounties, each of which is governed on a more local level by a Viscount.

Viscounties Edit

The republic is dominated by Viscounties, regions iwth a capital city, that serve to administrate the land at more local level. Each Viscounty is ruled by a Viscount, an oligarch that rules for life, and is appointed by the previous. While this can lead to nepotism occasionally, it is highly discouraged.

Voting Edit

The people vote every five years at their Viscounty's capital. Anyone who shows up to the counter is allowed to vote, as it would be impossible to determine which are citizens of the republic. However, most rural folk are not able to make the journey, so the vote is largely urban. The votes are then counted and sent by horseback to Koridei, where they are counted again, and the winner becomes the new Lord Magistrate.

Lord Magistrate and Cabinet Edit

When election year draws near, the current Lord Magistrate works to maintain their reputation in order to keep their office, while prospective elects tour the country to garner favor. These elects will usually be members of the aristocracy. Military heroes are also very popular with the common folk, gaining significant voter support, while the higher urban classes will prefer experienced politicians that focus on economic issues, often former Lord Deputies/Advisors. There is no term limit for the Lord Magistrate.

The Lord Magistrate after election takes up residence at Koridei, and appoints their cabinet. They appoint two Lord Deputies, who then in turn appoint a Lord Advisor each. The Lord Deputies act as aids and consultants to the Lord Magistrate, and the same for the Lord Advisors to their respective Lord Deputy. Often less important tasks are delegated down these ranks from the Lord Magistrate. The Lord Magistrate will also temporarily hire additional consultants for specific projects, such as urban development or military.

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The New Rep o' wiz flag

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