Shin-Ah is a vast empire in the east of the known world. With sea to the east, mountains to the west, arid steppe to the north, and dense jungle to the south, the people there remained largely isolated for much of history. In modern day, they are a trade power, having a multitude of natural resources unique to their landscape. The most famous is the pineapple fruit, which grows on their tropical shores, and is a delicacy in much of the world. They are also known for their peacefulness and neutrality, helped by their isolation. When told in tales in other parts of the world, this is often said of the land of Shin-Ah: "Few men guard her gates, but all inside go to sleep with a stomach full of good bread."

History Edit

The Shintens were unified very quickly under the Godon-Dia dynasty. They soon stylized themselves kings, and began expanding from Situ-Dia, their capital city in the foothills, and their massive Hall of the Brass Gongs sitting atop the tallest hill.

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