The Spires of Eternity are a series of gigantic towers and castles across Aiolia, built over the course of history, the first appearing before humans existed on this Earth. They are all created and designed by Iokastos Astraios, and imbued with the power of ambient magic using the runes carved and built into their sides. This magic is most focused around the mountain of Zephyros Wardos, which is the easternmost mountain of the Aeolian Range.

Only one has ever been destroyed utterly, ruined by the corrupt Archmages in their first assault. The burned city of Salina lies nearby. With the tower's destruction, the Spires now only number twelve. The Spires of Eternity once went by the name of Phótizó Kodonostásia, meaning Shining Spires, or Spires of Light. This name fell out of use with the rise of the common tongue.

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