​The GiftedEdit

Although all Parmenos have some degree of magic, occasionally some are born with more magic than others. Notable names are Kvinne and Naayak, people of the Sokende and Saadhak tribes. More often than not, these people became great heroes. But for the longest time, some of the people were lost to time, their names forgotten by the masses but passed down through the generation. People like Masali, the healer. Brienna and Jorah, a midwife and her husband who saved their village from starvation. Here is a list of heroes,:

  • Kvinne , Sokende
  • Masali, Bahith
  • Brienne and Jorah, Ceisiwr
  • Alcestis, Ziton
  • Cloelia, Cercatore
  • Naayak, Saadhak
  • Regnar, Sokende

For the longest time, the running theory was that the talent ran genetically. But after the establishment of the Archives, it became clear that the magic was mostly caused by events in the mother's life.

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