The moon that hangs in the sky over Opus was not always silver. At one time is was a blue and green orb that hung in the sky, inhabited by the original mages. Great cities stretched into the sky and gardens covered the land. It was a true paradise. This paradise was where Iokastos hailed with the seeds of life from, which all life in Opus sprang. This world above Opus existed until shortly after the mage colonies came to Earth. Something went terribly wrong and the connection established by portals was severed and the moon died that day. All the green faded into brown, and all the blue evaporated into space. The brown plants crumbled to dust and were pulled away from the moon, replaced by a shining silver. Most theorize the moon simply could not sutain itself or its inhabitants anymore and so had to slumber. Others think it was a plot by the Archmages to gain unrestrained authority. Whatever the reason, the effects can continue to be seen unto this day,

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