General InformationEdit

Trees of Life, or Zois, occur naturally within the world of Opus, but not much is known about them. Each Zois is unique to the area it lives in, and for the most part blends in with the forests around it. The biggest difference between a Zois and a normal tree is its size. The biggest Zois, in Sumonia, has a trunk width of two and a half metres. The other difference is the lights. The trunk and branches of the Zois are illuminated from within by some sort of glowing light, with the best example being the tree in Ribu Matahari.

Legend of the ZoisEdit

The elders of the Parmenos, although being separated by many leagues, all agree on the same thing; They insist the lights are reflections of the lights their ancestors used to see in Auroria. Mages across Opus have studied these trees to great length, but to no avail. The mystery of the lights remains unsolved, but the effects of the tree even mark the land around them. In Daygar, at the City of Lights, the tree's magic has seeped into the land around it. Similarly, the tree in Gurun Mawar creates a shimmer for at least a league and a half. The Taskupha tree in Bayjai has even affected the animals; Some of the Saadhak's elephants are born with glowing tusks. It is said that the elephant of Naayak, a great Saadhak leader, would leave glowing footbrints when he walked.

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