West of Gon-Dimr is a tiny archipelago surrounding a submarine volcano. These are the Zustrah waters home to the Uhnsigh an amphibious, anthropomorphic species inhabit Zustrah. They have a highly advanced society, with four vertical cities built onto the seafloor and on the slopes of the volcano. The city Forstru is the innermost city lying on the very slopes of the volcano, powered by the geothermal vents. It is the most industrial full of laborers and blue collar workers. The city Ostrav is to the westernmost city containing the most upper class Uhnsigh it's uppermost section is on the shores of a giant coral reef. Kitwal, the city of inventors teeming with wild new ideas it is the northernmost city that thrives within the cracks of the ocean floor. The final city Seetiya is run by the gangs dangerous and poor it lies in the darkness of a kelp forest. The two main gangs are the Pchela and the Vogel. The Pchela who are know for their whale oil syringe guns, which accelerate the time of their victim rapidly ageing them until they die in seconds. The Vogel seal the Fayj' exoskeletal-suits to punch with the power of gods. Although they are most prominent in Seetiya their influence flows to all four cities.

Society Edit

The Uhnsigh have very libertarian ideals and believe that an Uhnshig's worth is measured in his accomplishments. They have a total of seven classes each with different shoulder plates to signify them. A regiment of exoskeletal-suit wearing Uhnsigh, called Fayj, scout around for up and coming scientists, athletes, inventors, etc. They are the closest thing to police in the Uhnsigh society. Major decisions are made by a council of about 25 Uhnsigh who have been promoted through all seven ranks.

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